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Everything is really easy, but it’s an unusual videostudio. If you’ve a wish to try out something new and exceptional then you are in the right place. To start with, the business card in your hands means you are attractive and you are suited to us. What we actually do is videomaking. You can try yourself either incognita or openly. Filming consists of 3 parts: wearing underwear, topless and nude ( yeah, you are right, completely naked!). Of course, video can be done without your face or any recognizable body parts being shown.


No idea. You are either in search of an unknown emotions or just want to earn some money. A small fee is always possible (UAH currency) or you’ll enjoy the process after all.
Someone might be thinking of topless or nude photoshoot, but they’ve got no wish to look for and check out if the photographer is not a maniac:
“- Why should I get naked in front of a stranger and make my bare ass shining?”
The decision is always up to you.


Sure, it’s being done not for the sake of creativity or highly artistic values. We are all mercantile to some extent and we earn on the sale of your videos abroad. Video materials go to the open access only by your agreement, it won’t be available in Ukraine. 


Do not panic: we don’t shoot porn, which is against the law, we shoot erotica – that’s how it is called. They are two big differences. All the details can be found by following the link


Documents confirming the age may be required.


Shooting place is chosen individually. Your secret desire to make a photoshoot on the background of a family carpet can be easily fulfilled. Watch the backstage video to see how we do it. Perhaps your worries and fears are groundless.

At the initial stage the shooting process itself will take about an hour. After that permanent cooperation is possible on a full-time shooting day (4-8 hours).

Your friend, boyfriend, husband, grandma, dog or cat are welcome.
(Grandfather, parrot, ferret and hamster – by agreement.)

No problem. If you have recognizable body parts, tattoos, piercings, scars - warn us in advance and we'll take care of them so that even your own mother does not recognize you.

Exactly! Money can still be earned! Do not misunderstand: no one pricetails you. Nude shooting without showing the face and recognizable parts of the body from 500 UAH per hour. If you shoot openly - it's already from 1000 UAH / hour.

You get the finished video from our studio in one way - free of charge as a gift (and the movie goes on sale abroad); 

Cool photos, regardless of the availability of clothing, genre and type (portrait, staging scenes, glossy or photo stories) you can get in exchange for free participation in shooting nude videos. If you have your own photographer - shoot photos with him.

If you have any questions or ideas, write here:


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P.S .: You can also shoot with your script and your rules,
but then you have to pay for it :)



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